Keep your lashes longer


There is one thing that all of my clients have in common - Long lasting lashes. I believe I have been able to achieve this not only by perfecting my own lashing technique, which is used here at BéLashii, but by troubleshooting issues per client on a one on one basis. My clients are so spoiled, they will come in at 3 weeks instead of 5 saying "they didn't last as good this time",  even though they are lasting great! 3 weeks being a pretty good fill time in the lash world. There are 3 main areas that I try to get my clients to become more aware in when it comes to keeping their lashes longer. Keeping the lashes clean and brushed, the products being used, and habits. Anything other than your lash artists lashing technique that is effecting the retention of your lashes will fall under one of these categories.  

I have spent a lot of time experimenting with not only doing lashes but wearing them and let me tell you, when I where lashes - they usually do not last. Well, at least they didn't.  I played around a little bit and would wear them and act like they were just my real lashes. Didn't do anything special with them just kind of let them be. While I kept going on with my usual routine. When doing this - they usually didn't last. So after I would got them filled - I tried a different route. I payed attention to them. I would remind myself throughout the day that they were there. I would take extra care when washing my face to avoid the eye area. When I went to bed at night I would pay attention to how I was sleeping. Basically I wasn't changing anything, I was only making myself more aware of them being there - and that was all it took.

Clean Lashes = Longer lasting lashes

Keep your lashes clean

I have so many clients who express to me that they are afraid to really clean their lashes because they don't want them to fall out. Although you might too have this fear it needs to be known that if a lash comes off - it needed to. I see so often clients believe their lashes aren't falling out but in reality because they aren't brushing them or cleaning them properly and they are  just getting stuck in there and/or clumping together due to makeup build up and that can be cause for not being able to get them untangled or to lay properly. Lashes that have already shed get stuck and that is how breakage and other irritations happen. Next thing you know you are itchy and trying to pull out one lash while taking four more lashes with it. If you have to start out getting a fill every 2 weeks until you learn how to properly get the most out of your lashes, it is worth it. Lash cleaning should never be compromised.

 Ask your lash artist for great tips on cleaning your lashes.

I recommend purchasing a good oil-free makeup remover. Use this to remove your makeup effortlessly. Wash your face mostly avoiding the eye area, a light swoop down your lashes with your pointer fingertip and that should do. Brushing your lashes is going to be the most important part as it will knock out anything that has built up on the lash line and/or remove any lashes that have already shed.

Oil Free = Longer lasting lashes


Because oil is no good for lash retention it is important to know what you are using around your lashes. Some people may believe that because they don't use a certain product near their lashes that it won't affect them, but this is false. Oils spread. You shouldn't just be aware of what you are using in your face products but hair products as well, body lotions, even the natural oils that build up in hair or on hands. I have clients who are naturally so oily that lashes don't last on them no matter how hard we try. Whenever I get an client over 60 I usually let them know that their lashes should last really well, not for any other reason than that their skin tends to be a little more dry. 

When we talk about products it can go both ways, some products can be paired with your lashes for better retention. 

I recommend using a lash serum along with your eyelash extensions. This helps your natural lashes stay strong, so they can support your eyelash extensions. Lash serums also help extends the growth phase of your natural lashes, which helps you keep your eyelash extensions longer. 

Awareness + Routine =Longer Lashes


Last but not least, habits. Becoming aware of your habits is crucial. Noticing when you are experiencing fallout will help you figure out what habits should be addressed. I have had clients come in with singed lashes. One time in particular, I was brainstorming with a client who was totally lost in why her lashes were constantly being singed. After thinking we had gone over everything and still not finding the solution it popped into my head, "your curling iron maybe, or blow dryer?" Sure enough the blow dryer was it! I mean who would of thought that the heat from a blow dryer would be the reason her lashes were becoming singed.  By becoming aware of her habit to blow-dry with heat to hot we were able to fix her lash issue, (and save her hair). 

Another client of mine came to me from another salon and told me that she gets filled once a week. I said no, you won't have to come in every week with me. She insisted and sure enough came back a week later like, "see I told you". She did need the fill, so I started asking her when she notices fall out and questioning on her make up and lifestyle habits. It didn't take long to come to the conclusion that she should wear a 3D eye mask at night to protect her lashes from being affected by sleeping on her face at night. Now she is coming in every 3 weeks. I tell her all the time when she comes in at 3 weeks with still plenty of lashes left, "you've come a long way from 1 week!" 

I love helping my clients reach certain beauty goals whether it be their lashes, their brows, or their skin care. I want all BéLashii clients to feel happy with the services and products they receive here at BéLashii and to get them on a lash routine that works for them!

A authentically beautiful self, is yours!

We love all our clients but love to see you less and less! So if you're not one yet - become a BéLashii client today!

-Amelia Kevan 💋💖

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