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BéLashii - The Beginning

BéLashii Beauty Lounge 
The Beginning

Amelia Kevan - Owner

As the owner of BéLashii Beauty Lounge I want to introduce myself a little to all of our current, past, and potential clients who have not had the chance to know me. It has been quite the journey building this business. Its been hard to say the least, working three jobs just to earn the money to expand into BéLashii Beauty Lounge and support a family on my own with little to no help from anyone. I literally took a skill and turned it into a business and have been growing in the right direction since. I've learned things about myself in this process, that had I never ventured out on my own I would of never learned. I think the two most important things I have learned would have to be learning what I am capable of and of course, patience.

In 2017 when I began building BéLashii in a state where lashes were at the time unregulated, I was more than just a lash artist, I was the clean up lady for all the bad lash jobs around town.…

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