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Keep your lashes longer

KEEP YOUR LASHES LONGERThere is one thing that all of my clients have in common - Long lasting lashes. I believe I have been able to achieve this not only by perfecting my own lashing technique, which is used here at BéLashii, but by troubleshooting issues per client on a one on one basis. My clients are so spoiled, they will come in at 3 weeks instead of 5 saying "they didn't last as good this time",  even though they are lasting great, 3 weeks being a pretty good fill time in the lash world. There are 3 main areas that I try to get my clients to become more aware in when it comes to keeping their lashes longer. Keeping the lashes clean and brushed, products being used, and habits. Anything other than your lash artists lashing technique that will effect the retention of your lashes will fall under one of these categories.  I have spent a lot of time experimenting with not only doing lashes but wearing them and let me tell you, when I where lashes - they usually do not l…

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